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Useful Plumbing Tips Everyone Should Know

Homeownership comes along with many joys and opportunities to grow. For instance, now that you are your own landlord, you can learn valuable and handy skills that you may not have previously needed to learn. Things like, learning how to patch a hole in the wall, learning how to properly hang things, or learning how to manage plumbing problems yourself are all easy to learn but extremely useful to know.

If you are new to the world of being your own handyman (or handywoman), then KCI Homes wants to give you a helping hand! That is why we have put together a small list of valuable things homeowners should know about plumbing that will have you on the road to success.

Locate Your Shut Off Valves

Getting to know your house when you move in is an essential step. Knowing where things like the breaker boxes are, the hot water heater, and your water valves are can really save you during frustrating moments. For example, if you discover your dishwasher is flooding, heading straight to cut off that water supply could potentially save you money in damages and time spent cleaning all that water up. So be sure to know where your water valves are.

Have Plumber’s Tape on Hand

For pesky pipe problems or for quick fixes, plumber’s tape is going to be your best friend. You can use this tape to seal pipe joints and fittings to create a stronger bond and seal. Usually wrapping a joint three times around with the tape does the trick.

Be Mindful of What You Flush

Clogged drains and pipes are common plumbing issues. Oftentimes this is because people unwittingly flush things they should not. “Flushable” wipes and feminine products, for instance, are common commode cloggers. Regarding your kitchen sink, common offenders would be, coffee grounds, grease, and rice. When it comes to these areas, you can save yourself some work by only disposing of appropriate items down your drains.

Know Before You Drill

Essential wiring and pipes are all hidden behind your drywall. So, if you are planning on drilling any holes or cutting into your walls in any way, be sure to be mindful of this. If you are hanging items, a stud finder can help you to locate a supportive beam without damaging pipes. And if you are cutting large holes, start off with shallow cuts to ensure that you do not cut or puncture anything you do not want to.

Knowing just these few plumbing tips can help you take care of your plumbing with confidence. And it can save you money along the way since you will not need to hire a professional for minor issues. For more helpful information, do not forget to check out our other blogs! We cover a wide variety of topics that are sure to be useful to you.

By KCI Homes 8-27-2020


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