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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Whether you have kids or pets - keeping leaves, dirt, and snow out of the house can be hard. There are a few tricks that can be done around the house to keep your home clean and the rest outside where they belong. It’s important to make sure that you have these important things in place before it all starts, that way you can properly train both the kids and the dogs for the next couple of months. Set the pattern when they are young and then they will always know.

  1. Door Mats

Door mats are small and simple but they do a lot by way of keeping the dirt, mud and slush at the door and not in your house. Having a door mat inside and outside of each door is important. You can stop most of it on the outside mat and then wipe your shoes off to make sure you get most of the moisture off your shoes. If you’ve got a dog then it’s good to keep a towel by the door that they go in and out of.

  1. Boot Tray

Keep a boot tray by the door. When everyone comes in, make sure to put your shoes there to properly dry out. This keeps the water and dirt from your shoes in one place. Getting your family in the habit of it can be hard. It’s not impossible though.

  1. Boot Brush

These are important because once winter sets in everyone will be wearing boots. Getting the habit of brushing your boots before you come in the door is a good habit because mats only clean the bottom of your shoe whereas boot brushes clean the sides of the boots as well. This will help in wiping dirt, snow, and mud off of them.

For each of these little tricks to work everyone in the home will have to get in a habit for it to work. That can take some time but well worth the work because that means less cleaning. KCI Homes knows the intricate dynamics of both the home and the family. We build homes that the family can grow and thrive in. Take a look at our homes and see what the beauty of a home means.

By KCI Homes 10-2-2017


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