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Where to Put Your TV

When moving into a home or even just rearranging the home, it can be hard to know where the perfect spot is to put the TV. Should it be hung, sit on a dresser, go in the corner, or go above the fireplace? These are all the thoughts that often pass through our minds when we are looking at this torn apart room trying to figure out what is the best way for the couch to go with the tv. When looking at a room and planning on how you’d like things to look, it’s important that you take a few things into consideration.

You’ll want to take a seat on your couch and get a good gauge of where your eye level turns out to be. This is the level that you’ll want to make sure to put your tv at. Knowing the level you want to put it at, it is good then to look around the room and see what best suits this level while taking into consideration the type of couch you have.

While you’re scoping out the walls, take into consideration where the windows sit. They can have a poor visual effect on the screen by means of a reflection. As you sit there and see the sun set in the evening, when you’ll be most likely to watch, note the walls that the tv should not be stationed on because of the light seeping in. There are always blinds and curtains that can be put up if you want it to go on a wall that the window happens to shine on. However, it is hard to keep the light 100% out.

The TV itself can take up a lot of room depending on how big of a TV it is. Your choice of walls may be limited by the size of the TV you have. Considering the type of TV you have as well will help you in how it should be positioned. There are some types better positioned at an angle, while others more so straight on. Doing a bit of research on how your tv should be viewed is advantageous.

When it comes down to it though, how you’d like to place your TV is up to you. There is no right or wrong way. The layouts of a home can be difficult and tricky, especially in small places or in places where there seems to only be one place to put the TV. There is always a way though to have the perfect looking living room with your TV in the most ideal spot.

KCI Homes builds homes in a way that provides options and space for you to make the home the way you want it to be. With ample wall space and a beautiful fireplace to make your living room cozy, there is no wrong way to go about putting up your TV and situating your couch in a way that is beautiful and stunning. We also build custom homes for those who have a particular vision in mind. KCI Homes are able to build you your dream home. Give us a call today!

By KCI Homes 1-30-2018

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