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Household Uses for Acetone

The average household has a bottle of nail polish remover on hand. And that’s all that most associate acetone with, a way to remove nail polish. But acetone is a powerful solution that can perform several jobs around the house. Here are a few ways you can put your trusty bottle of acetone to good use.

Scuff Marks

Scuff marks are bound to happen, and whether it's your floor or a table, acetone can solve this problem. All you need to do is take a clean rag, pour a bit of acetone on the scuffed area and then proceed to buff out the mark. This is a great method for hard plastic surfaces too, like watch faces or picture frames. One surface that you should not use acetone on, however, is wood. Doing so could strip the wood of its protective coating, leaving it dull and prone to permanent damage.

Dried Paint

Even with the most careful of preparations, you may still find paint where it should not be when you’re finished. When you find specks of paint on your windows or trim, acetone is the solution. Just place an acetone-soaked cotton ball over the rogue paint. Hold it in place for a few seconds and then remove the cotton. Once the paint is lifted, wipe the area dry.

Super Glue

Super Glue is another useful household item. Its uses are wide and varied and it is great for fixing something in a pinch. But anyone who has used Super Glue knows that what makes it great can also make it a pain. If you accidentally get Super Glue somewhere you don't want it, such as your fingers, acetone can come to the rescue. Simply take an acetone tone-soaked cotton swab and use it to dissolve any misplaced glue.

Overall, acetone is cheap, effective and ready to use. And odds are you already have a bottle of it at home to begin with. So next time you face a stubborn mess, raid the nail polish kit for some help.

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By KCI Homes 8-20-2021


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