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Plants That Do Not Get Along in Your Garden

Warmer weather is rounding the corner, and for beginner and avid gardeners alike this is a reason for excitement. Whether you are planning a fruit and vegetable garden or trying to plan your summer landscaping, your success (or lack thereof) may depend on which plants you decide to plant near each other. If you are curious to know some popular plants that sap the life out of their neighbors, this is the guide for you.

Cucumbers and Aromatic Herbs

Cucumbers are such a joy to grow. From crunchy salad additions to refreshing drinks, fresh cucumbers really earn their keep in your garden. A common herb that is often associated with cucumbers is dill. This is an excellent herb to keep near your cucumbers as it will attract beneficial insects and pollinators. Herbs that you do not want to keep near your cucumbers would be ones like basil and rosemary. Many enjoy keeping these herbs because they have rich, aromatic flavors. But this is exactly why you should not grow them near your cucumbers as these strong flavors tend to influence the cucumber’s final taste.

Beans, Potatoes, and Sunflowers

Sunflowers have long been used by farmers to protect their crops. This is because sunflowers have powerful weed suppressing properties. When planted around the edges of your garden they can work to your benefit. But when planted too closely to crops like beans and potatoes, they work against you. This is due to the toxic growth suppressing characteristics of fallen sunflower seeds that will prevent your beans and potatoes from reaching their full potential.

Shade Trees and Leafy Grasses

Large shady trees offer a lot to any home landscaping. They look beautiful, offer respite from the sun on a blazing afternoon, and give your landscaping a well-earned homey atmosphere. What you want to be mindful of when it comes to these aged trees, however, is your choice of grass surrounding them. Leafy turfgrasses like bluegrass and ryegrass are lush and pleasant landscaping additions, they do require a lot of light and water, though. So, preserve your investment when it comes to turfgrasses by not laying them under shade trees.

Regardless of what your gardening and landscaping plans are, knowing what plants are friends or enemies can set you up for success. And having an excellent starting point does not hurt either. At KCI, we make sure to build houses on satisfying plots of land so that you can turn your yard into whatever brings you joy. Browse our available listings today!

By KCI Homes 4-28-2021


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