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Inexpensive Things You Can Do to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

At KCI, we aim to design homes that fit your needs from the beginning. Whether that is a custom home or one in our communities. But your home needs to do more than just meet your needs, it needs to fit your style and personality. Because buying a home is a costly endeavor, your bank account may need a moment to recover. That does not mean that there are not things you can do right now to make your house homier, though! Here are a few inexpensive things you can do to make your house feel like home.

Make Your Front Door a Warm Welcome

You want friends and family to know they have arrived at your house when they approach your door. And infusing your personality into your front porch can be done easily and without breaking the bank. Think about just how much of an impact changing the font of your house numbers makes. That is a fast and easy swap. Installing a beautiful wreath or a door knocker is another great way to make your home more in line with your style and personality. You may also consider a cute or fun welcome mat or hanging a fragrant basket of flowers by your entrance. Any combination of these things will grant you near instant gratification without draining your bank account.

Dress Up Your Windows

Another thing that can make a dramatic difference in your house are window treatments. Windows are basically a blank slate when you move into a new home and how you choose to dress them can make all the difference in the world. Specifically, when you choose to decorate your windows with curtains you have a lot of opportunity to express your own personal style. From pattern, to length, to fabric, you have so much room to create spaces that reflect you.

Upgrade Your Cabinet Hardware

While you may not feel the need to or have the budget to switch out your cabinetry just yet, swapping out your cabinet hardware is a great alternative. Switching out the metal from brass to black or changing pulls from ornate to sleek can transform an area, whether that is a bathroom or a kitchen. If you want to make a dramatic change with an afternoon and a small budget, try changing out your cabinet hardware.

There you have it! Three inexpensive things you can do to make your house feel more like your home. Try one or try them all!

By KCI Homes 2-23-2023


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