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Spend Time With Family Around The Fireplace

One of the greatest times of year is winter because it means that the family gets to spend time together. With so much time off it leaves families with the option to stay local or to get away but either way, you’re all spending time together. KCI Homes knows what it means to spend time with your family. We are a family owned and operated company, building superior quality homes. We want to help you and your family bond this year while you’re all sitting around the fire. Here are some of the games that will get the laughs going and the family telling stories about for years to come!

One of the best games you can play around a fireplace is the family board game. Many families still have that favorite game they love to play together. However, if you’re tired of that game or don’t have a family board game then try different ones based on the age rating and reviews. There are a lot of different kinds out there that can get you laughing till your belly hurts. Or maybe you’re the type of family that has more of a competitive drive. Regardless of the type of game, there is bound to be one out there that the whole family will love.

One game that all kids love is a scavenger hunt! Don’t worry we aren’t talking about an outdoor scavenger hunt. An indoor scavenger can be one of those memories that will last in their memory forever. Make sure that at the end of it, you have something special for the kiddos. Whether it’s some candy, toys, or a new movie make sure that you have a little treasure at the end. Afterwards then you can let the kiddos play with their new trinket toys or eat all their candy while watching a movie together.

Picking a fun game to get the kiddos involved in when it’s snowing outside can be the best kind of days that everyone will remember for years to come. Make memories, laugh hard and spend time working together. KCI Homes is a family company that wants to help each family grow closer together. We do this with the homes we build. Giving families a home, they can really grow closer in and develop stronger bonds with. Take a look at the homes we build!

By KCI Homes 1-29-2019


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