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Ways to Make Gutter Cleaning Easier

Helping you get into your dream home is something that inspires us to do what we do at KCI. As time goes on, regular maintenance will help your dream home to remain in peak condition. One area of home maintenance that is easy to neglect is gutter care. Healthy gutters serve a critical purpose in protecting your home. So, making sure they are free from obstruction and degradation is vital. Many dread tending to their gutters, but you don’t have to! Utilize these tips to help gutter cleaning move swiftly and efficiently along.

Get Help

Accidents involving ladders are all too common. That is why before you even get started, it’s ideal that you have a pair of helping hands. Someone to spot you and keep your ladder steady as you are working.

Leaf Blower

Having the right tools is one of the easiest ways to make a task go smoothly. One tool that can make gutter cleaning much easier is a leaf blower. Many leaf blowers have gutter cleaning attachments and some of them extend far enough that you may not even need a ladder.

Shop Vac

Alternatively, instead of dislodging clogs by blowing them away, you can suck them up with the help of a shop vac. Like leaf blowers, shop vacs usually have gutter cleaning attachments to help. Shop vacs are nice because as you collect dead leaves and debris, they are deposited into a container for easy disposal.

Gutter Guards

One of the most frustrating parts of gutter cleaning is trying to clear out downspouts. Oftentimes this will involve dismantling them and washing them clean. A simple solution to this is to invest in gutter guards. These work to prevent large bits of debris from getting washed into your downspouts. That way when it comes time for gutter cleaning again, you can focus solely on the gutters themselves.

After you have cleared your gutters of twigs, toys, and more, be sure to inspect the structural elements. Look for loose or missing screws and bowing or sagging parts. And there you have it! By taking advantage of these tips, a once gross, time consuming chore can be turned into a brief Saturday project.

By KCI Homes 6-16-2021


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