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How to clean a Bathtub

You have been out working all day long. Stresses of what things you need to get done are crowding out any moment of silence. The traffic on your commute home is filled with inconsiderate drivers. The thought of unwinding in a hot tub filled with soothing salts warms you. You hurry to prepare your favorite music and to light a few calming candles. Finally, you proceed to fill the tub… only to find it is dirty! Cue the horror music.

KCI Homes takes into consideration how important a spa like bath can be to a good self-care routine. That is why we design our homes with luxurious soaking tubs, ideal for destressing. Because of this, we want to make sure that you do not have to worry if your tub is clean after a long day. We are here to help you turn a semi-regular, dreadful, hour-long scrubbing scene into a quick 10-minute addition to your regular cleaning routine. Let’s get down to it.

First things first. Take a moment to assess whether or not there is mold or mildew lurking around. If you find some, you will want to take care of that first. Start by filling a spray bottle with hot water and 4 tablespoons of bleach. Thoroughly cover the infected areas with the bleach solution. Allow that a moment to soak in.

-In the meantime, sprinkle baking soda over the entire bathtub area.

-Next, reach for a scrub brush and large bucket of hot water. Add a bit of dish soap to your hot water as well.

-Grab a towel and roll it underneath your knees for cushion. No pain, no gain. No, thank you! No need to be uncomfortable here.

-Dip the scrub brush in the hot water and proceed to give your tub a good ol’ scrubba dub dub.

-When finished, rinse with hot water.

And that is it! You can polish the faucet and metal bits with a microfiber cloth, and you are well on your way. In addition to this routine once a month, if you make it a habit to rinse out the tub properly after taking a bath, you will be sure to save yourself from ever breaking your back scrubbing again.

You can repeat these same simple steps for your shower as well. An added benefit to cleaning your shower regularly is that you will aid in prolonging the life of your tile and grout. Score!

If you are interested in more helpful information regarding the home, be sure to check out our other blog articles. If not, then what are you still doing here? Go grab your bath bombs and oils and start relaxing!

By KCI Homes 9-16-2019


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