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How to Load a Dishwasher the Right Way

We are happy to live in a world full of luxuries and conveniences. But when certain modern conveniences seem to fail, you can be left dumfounded. A common contributor to such feelings is the dishwasher. It is not uncommon to pull plates out of a freshly run machine, only to find gunk baked on. Why is that? Well, even if you have a powerful dishwasher, it may not be able to fight against improper loading techniques. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you do a load of dishes.

Top Rack

Taking things from the top… rack that is. Glasses, cups, small bowls and softer plastics do best on the top rack. Do a light rinse to dislodge and remove any large chunks of food from the dishware. Also, try to avoid overloading the racks. Dishes that are too close together will prevent proper water flow and may increase chances of chips and breakage.

Bottom Rack

The main thing to keep in mind when loading the dishwasher is to arrange in a way that allows the water to flow freely. Plates and dishwasher safe cutting boards should be placed towards the sides so that they do not obstruct the spray. Direct dishes with stubborn food on them towards the spray arm as well.


When loading silverware, load forks and spoons handle down so that the food centric areas get the most water contact. Knives on the other hand you should load handle down, this way you can be careful to not stab yourself upon retrieving them. Try to place spoons, knives, and forks alternatively as well to prevent nesting cutlery.

In general, things you want to simply avoid putting in the dishwasher all together include, wood, gold plated items, brass, and bronze. In the end, loading a dishwasher is not rocket science. But by keeping in mind how a dishwasher works to clean, you can load your dishes in the optimal way. Think of it as a sort of domestic Tetris and you are good to go!

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By KCI Homes 1-16-2020


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