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Is a Bidet Right for You

At KCI Homes, we love designing beautiful and functional bathrooms. From getting ready for the day, to winding down with a bubble bath when the day is over, the bathroom is an essential part of the home. And while we make beautiful bathrooms, it is up to you to make it your own.

One upgrade that you have probably heard of either in legends or you remember from that trip abroad, is the bidet. With toilet paper hoarders on the rise, the bidet has been growing in popularity. If you have been curious about getting one for yourself, stick around.

Bidets- What You Need to Know

Adding a bidet to your bathroom used to include doing a whole renovation and two separate systems. Today, there are many bidet attachments that can simply replace the top portion of your toilet. To determine the right fit, all you need to know is whether your toilet is round or elongated.

Pricing for a bidet can range from under $40 to around $2,000. The higher end options can have music for privacy, heated dryers, seat warmers, different water pressures, and adjustable settings for different users. For a bare bones model, you can get a clean tush with a simple stream of water.

Do not get rid of all your toilet paper just yet, especially if you have decided on a model without a bottom dryer. It is still recommended that you pat yourself dry with tissue after using your bidet. And while wipes may be a tempting middle ground between a bidet and toilet paper, you may want to think again. While “flushable” wipes can be flushed, that does not mean they should. Wipes are huge contributors to plumbing clogs and fatbergs in sewer systems.

Bidets have come a long way from living among French aristocrats. If you are ready for a little less waste, a little more luxury, and a lot more cleanliness with your bathroom experience, it might be time for you to get a bidet!

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By KCI Homes 5-18-2020


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