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Ways to Improve Front Door Security

You want your front door to be inviting. But unfortunately, a good looking front door could catch the eye of unwanted guests as well. At KCI, we want you to feel safe inside your home. That is why we want to share with you a few ways that you can beef up your front door security without sacrificing the overall look.

Consider Upgrading the Door and Doorframe

Have you been using the same door and doorframe for many years? It might be time to replace them. Take some time to inspect them. Are they cracking, rotting, or splitting? What kind of door do you have? The best door for entrance security is a solid door. Some people install hollow- core doors at the entrance, but these are really only intended for indoor use. If you agree that the door itself needs to be upgraded, opt for a solid-core door. Something like solid wood, steel, or fiberglass with a wood core. If you are drawn to doors with decorative glass, choose one where the panes are tall and thin. A steel security door in combination with a solid core door will increase security by a lot. Steel security doors also come in a wide range of styles, so you can easily find one that compliments your aesthetic.

If the doorframe is faulty in some way, this is actually worse for security than the door lacking itself. The doorframe is what holds the door in place and if it can be compromised, so can your security. It is easiest to replace your door and doorframe at the same time, since these are often sold pre-hung as a set. It would also be wise to purchase a jamb reinforcement kit while you're at it.

Consider a Deadbolt and Door Chain

Many intruders are good at what they do. And the sad truth is that many locks are easy to pick. That is why it is wise to not rely solely on the basic locks that come with a handle set. Consider installing a deadbolt as well to reinforce security. ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts are the strongest. Grade 1 bolts are commonly used in commercial settings and are the toughest. Grade 2 is more commonly used for residential applications. Either one will greatly improve your security.

Another upgrade you can make is to install a door chain. A door chain will protect you after you have already opened the door. This way, you can have conversations with people who call on your house but will be protected against them if they try to gain entry into your home.

Consider Installing a Home Security System

One thing that will deter most intruders from even approaching your front steps is a security system. Motion sensor lights in conjunction with strategically placed cameras can be a big hindrance to intruders that are looking for an easy score. Even a simple video doorbell will do the trick. And even if these measures fail to prevent a crime from happening, you will have video evidence of the criminal.​

Feeling safe inside your home is important. If you put these front door security tips to use, you and your family can rest easy.

By KCI Homes 3-25-2022


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