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Dirty Items You May Not Think to Clean

A good cleaning routine is vital to maintaining a healthy, appealing home. But even thorough and fastidious cleaners may be surprised by how dirty certain hard-to-reach areas of their home can become over time. They may be a commonly-used object that is harboring a surprising amount of bacteria while appearing relatively clean to the naked eye. We at KCI Homes put together this short list of commonly-neglected areas to help you remember what may need cleaning.

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most heavily-used appliances in the kitchen. It not only gets a lot of use in general, but it often has to deal with dirty, grimy jobs on a regular basis. It’s often tasked with disposing of a multitude of different saliva-soaked food scraps. While the running water may wash away the visible pieces, large amounts of sneaky bacteria may still latch onto the surface. But adding the sink to your cleaning routine can be incredibly simple. Baking soda can be used to remove many types of stains, and the basin can be sanitized with vinegar.

Coffee Maker

In many homes, the coffee maker acts as the fuel station that keeps the household moving. With different people coming through and accessing the machine, it can be easy to neglect its need for regular cleaning as it gets filled and emptied throughout the day, leaving more particulates and bacteria in there than you are comfortable with. Running a solution of vinegar and water through the system can eliminate the bacteria.

Toothbrushes and Their Holder

This last one might make you a little bit nauseous to think about. While most of us care about our dental hygiene, they may not realize that their storage place for their toothbrush could actually be really “crappy”. Every time the toilet flushes, little tiny… let’s just call them “particles”... are flung through the air. Studies show that if your toothbrush’s storage place leaves it exposed in the open air, it could be at risk of poo particles finding a home on its surface. This is in addition to the splashes of soap and dirty water that could be flung around during hand washing. Perhaps consider storing it in the medicine cabinet and cleaning it regularly with denture cleanser or vinegar.

Adding these areas to your cleaning routine can help make your household cleaner and healthier. And be sure to check back on our blog soon for more tips and updates.

By KCI Homes 7-16-2021


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