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Why You Should Get a Puppy

KCI Homes is committed to building homes that you love to spend time in. Creating unique memories with family and friends in your home is a beautiful part of life. And when you have beautiful kitchens, living rooms, and yards to make those memories in, it is all the better.

For some, part of a full family experience is having a loyal dog in the house. If you are not sure if that is for you, here are just a few reasons why bringing a puppy home may prove to be rewarding.

They Relieve Stress

Studies have proven that having a puppy around is a great way to reduce stress. Whether it is because they are terribly soft and cute or just because they demand your attention be on them instead of other, maybe more stressful things, puppies can help you out. Specifically, puppies can aid in reducing blood pressure.

They Are Adorable

This one is a given, really. But puppies are incredibly cute. This is not just a superficial argument, though. Playing with adorable dogs signal the release of dopamine, the happy hormone. And after 2020, I am sure we all need a little bit of that.

They Are Loyal

Puppies grow up to be loyal companions. It is a fact. They can often sense when you need comfort and will come lay by your side. Depending on the breed, they can be very protective of their family as well. They will often alert you to potential dangers, sometimes even sensing if you are experiencing health dangers. Dogs will always stand by you.

They Keep You Active

Sure, puppies require a lot of energy as they need to be played with. But even after they become older, dogs still need regular exercise. Many of us lead busy lives, and oftentimes walks or exercising is something that gets pushed to the side. With a dog, however, you will be forced to make walking them a priority. Good for you and them.

In the end, bringing a dog into the family makes a lot of sense for most. In addition to the reasons listed above, they can also teach kids responsibility, keep you playful, and give young ones a playmate. Be sure to do some research for yourself to see which kind of dog will make the best fit for your household.

By KCI Homes 10-30-2020


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