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Create Your Perfect Porch Space

Everyone needs a retreat! KCI Homes builds homes with both a large front porch and back porch because we know the importance of creating your own space outside as well. Take a look at our home floor plans we have right now to see how we build porches. With the beginning of Spring in our midst its time to get some important parts of your home set up for good outdoor family time or even for some alone time. Whether you’ve got a small porch in front or a large porch in back, you can make it your oasis. Whether you’re a mom and need a moment to yourself, a teenager and want a quiet place to study, or a dad and just need a spot to pop open a drink and relax, this is the perfect setting. Of course, it’s also the perfect place to get together to laugh and have an enjoyable time. How do you make this an oasis though?

Make it Homey!

One of the easiest ways to make it a comfortable setting is to get an outdoor rug. You’ll have to determine the size that you want and the look you’re going for before you purchase it. They are relatively cheap on amazon and easily returnable if you don’t like them. There is something about that extra padding beneath the feet that says you can relax now. To be able to kick your shoes off and walk on the comfort of a cushioned rug to the comfortable chair.

This leads to the next thing: outdoor seating. You can’t relax if you don’t have a spot to be able to sit and enjoy in. Many people already have something to sit in to relax outside but over the years this can get dirt, torn, and worn. Buying new cushions or even furniture can get expensive. Thankfully fabric is relatively inexpensive. You can easily replace the current fabric you have with new fabric by following the pattern of the original cushions and sewing some new ones. This will give you the greatest flexibility to achieve the looking you’re going for and to match the rug you bought.

Add Your Touch!

There is more to be done than just putting a rug down and then setting the furniture on it. Make the space bring out your personality. Whether that means putting a bit of flowers on the table or bringing an old dresser out that you repainted. Whatever that may be let it show off personality. Jars and big tin containers always add a unique vintage look to the space. The important thing is though is that the space is you and is a place you can let go and relax.

KCI homes have been building homes that allow for houses to become home inside and out since 2002. We understand the importance of such a space that allows for the family to be together in the beautiful outdoors. That is why we build homes that allow for that space to be created and enjoyed by the family. Take a look at our available homes today!

By KCI Homes 4-5-2018


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