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How to Stay Cool this Summer

Summer is upon us and that means the heat is going to start getting intense. No matter who we are though, none of us like to be hot, especially at night. That just turns into restless nights and exhausted tired days. At the same time homeowners like to save money where they can. This means that you’re going to be looking for ways to keep from having to turn your AC on. KCI Homes understands that there are several different ways to save on your electrical bill. As your professional home builder in OKC we can help you make the best decisions for your home and wallet this summer.

One of the easiest ways to save on money is to invest in some blackout curtains. This will help to keep the sun out of your home, leaving it cool. In doing this you will still want a breeze going through your home so turn on the fan and make sure that the air is coming down on you. Additionally, you should close the doors to rooms that you don’t use to make sure that you keep the warm air out from the rest of the house that you’re trying to keep cool. This is the cheapest way to keep your home cool.

With a bit more of an investment though you can ensure that your home stays cool day and night. Investing in an attic fan can go a long way in both savings and keeping your home cool. Keeping all your windows open in the home and the doors cracked, allows for a nice breeze to come through your home. A cool breeze especially comes through the home at night when the temperature drops. This alone can help you save on your electrical bill and bring additional benefits. Fresh air in your home is like a natural antibiotic. Also being able to keep the sun poking through your home can help you to feel happier.

If you’re wanting to truly save and are willing to make an investment in your home, then there is always the option of solar in which you can save on your electrical bill year-round. The other option is to buy a home that is energy efficient. With our custom homes we build you a home that is completely energy efficient that you will love. Take a look at our communities today!

By KCI Homes 5-15-2019


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