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Ways to Help Heat Up Your Home

With winter just about here, it’s time to start thinking of ways to heat up your home without making the bill go up, whether you turn the furnace up, or you run your gas fireplace a lot. The wonderful thing is there are many small ways to keep the heat you’ve got in your home. The biggest challenge with keeping your home warm is figuring out a way to keep that warm air inside and not escaping. KCI knows you want to get the warmth out of the money you’re spending to heat up your home, here is how you do it.

Keep them Open, Keep them Closed

Curtains are a beautiful addition to the home in giving it a nice homey touch. These decorations aren’t just good to have in the home, opening them up when you want the sunlight and closing them up when you don’t want it any more. They are a good aid in keeping your home warm. When the sun is out and shinning you’re going to want to make sure that you keep your curtains open because the sun is free heat. It will help to warm your home up. Once the sun goes down though you’ll want to close them. Since the sun is no longer heating up your home you’ll start to lose heat through the cold windows. Curtains help to keep that warm air from escaping through them.

Rug it Up

We often see rugs as an added addition to help pull together the look of the room or to keep things from being tracked inside the home. These are good uses for them but there can be even better uses for them. When you’ve just woken up the last thing you want to do is put your warm feet on a cold floor. A rug will help in that department. But also, it will help to keep heat escaping from the floor boards. Think about the places in your home where you don’t have carpet, which acts as an insulator, it would be advantageous to put an insulator down. Rugs come in all varied sizes and types. Research will be needed to know which kind is the correct one for you and your family.

Draft Stoppers

Heat will find its way out of your home by any means possible. You might think that your doors aren’t letting your heat out, but they are. Even the slightest opening or crack will leak heat to the outside. Many people get draft stoppers to prevent this from happening. This is expensive to get but it will help in saving your wallet when it comes to your heating bill. Don’t just let your money float out the door. Being proactive during the cold season this year is the best way to get most out of your money.

Winter is about getting cozy next to the fire in the evenings with the family around. KCI Homes knows that heating a home can be expensive so we want to help you out even in the small ways. The way we build homes is already a plus in helping to keep the heat inside. Check out the homes we build to see how we make your home not only stay warm but also feel cozy.

By KCI Homes 11-22-2017

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