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Everyone loves to decorate their home and what better way to decorate than for low cost! There are many things that we would like to do in our home but they aren’t in our budget. The good thing is that most things can be done to the same effect but for way cheaper and they look just as great! Here are a few décor projects that will make your home sleek and improve its functionality at the same time. Most people are all for a stylish home that can double in functionality.

Marble Table

You might be saying that it is way too expensive. The truthful answer is that it can be but it doesn’t have to be. Many of us love Ikea because they have affordable furniture for our homes but many times we want a fancier look. You could say that many of us have expensive taste on a small budget. Either you can make your own nightstand or buy a cheap one. You can always change the color of the wood by painting it. Once you have your desired table or nightstand you can then purchase a marble adhesive film that you can cut to size to the top of the table and then place it on top. Be sure to cut enough to wrap the edges around to the bottom of the table so that it looks like marble. This helps satisfy one’s expensive taste while keeping it under budget.

Canvas Pictures

We all have our favorite family pictures that we love and really want to get printed on canvas. Often canvas photo printings are very expensive. Here is a quick and easy way to do them without having to pay a lot of money for them. By simply going to your local photo printing store ask for a poster print of your favorite picture. Think about the size you want because 2 inches will be needed all the way around the picture to wrap it around the canvas. Once you have the picture and a canvas that is 2 inches smaller all the way around than the picture itself you will need to get some mod podge glue. Put the glue all over the canvas and put the picture over it to adhere to it. Then put the glue around the edges and wrap the picture around it, taping the sides on the back of the canvas as you get them down. Then put the glue all over the picture and take a scrap of canvas fabric and put it on top of the picture. Make sure to press it down and then remove it after a few seconds. Let it dry and you have a perfect canvased photo!

Laundry Table

Most moms spend a lot of time in the laundry room not only because of their clothes but the kid's and husband’s clothes as well. Every mom and wife will love this idea. By taking plywood and a couple of brackets you can mount it to the wall and waterfall another piece of plywood on the other side to hold it up. First measure out the pieces you’ll need leaving an inch between the plywood and the washer and dryer. Then buy a premium piece of plywood and a regular piece. Afterward cut them to size and glue the premium plywood and the regular plywood together. Do this for both the top piece and the side piece. Then you place the brackets on the wall and drill the wood piece. This will be the top table. Then you use brackets on the other side, putting together the piece of plywood that is on top and the one that goes on the side to create the table. It’s that simple!

No matter if you’re on a budget and have expensive taste or you just want to change things up this will help you to do just that! KCI Homes' goal when they first started was to bring ideas from expensive homes and bring them into the midsize market. Now we are helping you take expensive home decor ideas and help you put them into your budget. Check out KCI Homes today to see how we’ve accomplished our goal.

By KCI Homes 6-7-2017


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