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Building Generational Wealth with Homeownership

As you envision a future filled with family milestones and shared successes, the importance of securing a foundation for generational wealth becomes paramount. At KCI Homes, we understand the profound impact that thoughtful financial planning can have on the lives of your loved ones. One powerful... [read more]

By KCI Homes 1-24-2024

How to Decide If a 30 Year Mortgage Is Right for You

At KCI Homes, opting for a 30-year fixed mortgage rate is a popular choice among our homebuyers. This mortgage option comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. One positive aspect is the lower monthly payment compared to a 15-year fixed mortgage rate.... [read more]

By KCI Homes 12-28-2023

Reasons to Wash Your Walls

Washing the walls in your home may not be a task that immediately comes to mind, but it can contribute to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing living environment. Here are some reasons why you might want to wash your walls more often and... [read more]

By KCI Homes 11-30-2023

Warning Signs to Watch Out for During an Open House

House hunting can be an exciting whirlwind. And in today’s housing climate, it can be all too tempting to get swept up in the rush of it all and make an offer on a house while you still have rose colored glasses on. We want to... [read more]

By KCI Homes 10-31-2023

Bring More Birds to Your Yard with These Tips

If you love spending time outdoors, OKC is the place to do it. There’s so much to enjoy in our beautiful city! But as the temperatures get cooler, most of us want to stay inside where it is cozy instead. If you still crave... [read more]

By KCI Homes 9-26-2023

Dangerous DIYs

There is a lot of freedom that comes along with being a homeowner. Freedom to listen to movies at loud columns, freedom to paint and remodel to fit your changing style, and even the freedom to make needed repairs on your own. It can be freeing... [read more]

By KCI Homes 8-30-2023

What Is the Difference Between a Home Appraisal and Inspection?

Building homes and helping people achieve their dream of homeownership is our passion here at KCI. And we are the first to tell you that knowledge is power in the homebuying process. We want to inform potential homeowners as much as we can about... [read more]

By KCI Homes 7-25-2023

Maintenance Tasks All Homeowners Should Know How To Do

When you first get into your KCI home, everything is fresh and new. New appliances, new fixtures, new roofing, even that new drywall smell. But naturally, with time and use, these things begin to wear. To keep your home in good condition and prevent... [read more]

By KCI Homes 6-27-2023

Increase Patio Ambiance with the Right Lighting

Your KCI Home extends beyond your back doors. If you are ready to amp up the ambiance of your outdoor living area and spend more evenings under the stars, the right lighting can help. Here are some suggestions for where to start!

String Lights

... [read more]

By KCI Homes 5-23-2023

Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Baby

At KCI, we are honored to build homes that families can live and grow in. If you have a baby on the way, that is certainly exciting! No doubt, you and your partner are prepping in a lot of ways to get ready for... [read more]

By KCI Homes 4-20-2023


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