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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

Part of the draw of living in Oklahoma is the surrounding nature. The weather makes it a great place to garden and the local flora and fauna is a joy to observe. These are just some of the many reasons that KCI chooses to... [read more]

By KCI Homes 4-27-2022

Ways to Improve Front Door Security

You want your front door to be inviting. But unfortunately, a good looking front door could catch the eye of unwanted guests as well. At KCI, we want you to feel safe inside your home. That is why we want to share with you... [read more]

By KCI Homes 3-25-2022

Times When a DIY Fix Is Not the Best Solution

A house requires a lot of upkeep, and most of us do not have the budget to call in a professional to fix everything. That is why knowing how to fix a thing or two here and there can save you a lot of... [read more]

By KCI Homes 2-28-2022

Best Things to Do in OKC

KCI Homes chooses to create our communities in the wonderfully diverse OKC area. With so much to offer, you may be at a loss at what OKC attraction you should see first. Here are a few places to start.

Stockyards City

Oklahoma City is... [read more]

By KCI Homes 1-21-2022

Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing

Is there anything more frustrating than a plumbing problem? We all rely heavily on the plumbing in our homes to work properly. That’s why when it doesn’t, it can be headache inducing. Some plumbing issues you really need a professional for, but some common issues may... [read more]

By KCI Homes 12-15-2021

How to Remove Popcorn Textured Ceilings

In the past, popcorn ceilings were a widely popular trend for a couple of reasons. Contractors found that it was an easy way of covering up imperfections in the ceiling. It also saved time on completing a new construction because the ceiling’s finish wouldn’t have to... [read more]

By KCI Homes 11-17-2021

Design Tips to Maximize Useable Space

At KCI, we build custom homes so that you have all the space you need from the start. But design choices have the power to either make a space feel open or closed and it can be difficult to tell why that is. That’s... [read more]

By KCI Homes 10-25-2021

Make Your First Year of Homeownership Successful

It can be nearly impossible to find a home that ticks off all your boxes while house hunting. That’s why KCI offers a custom home experience so that your home is exactly what you want and need from the beginning. But whether you buy... [read more]

By KCI Homes 9-22-2021

Household Uses for Acetone

The average household has a bottle of nail polish remover on hand. And that’s all that most associate acetone with, a way to remove nail polish. But acetone is a powerful solution that can perform several jobs around the house. Here are a few ways you... [read more]

By KCI Homes 8-20-2021

Dirty Items You May Not Think to Clean

A good cleaning routine is vital to maintaining a healthy, appealing home. But even thorough and fastidious cleaners may be surprised by how dirty certain hard-to-reach areas of their home can become over time. They may be a commonly-used object that is harboring a surprising amount of bacteria... [read more]

By KCI Homes 7-16-2021


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