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Existing Home vs Custom Home

Hello, summer! The weather is hot, and the housing market is too. Are you contemplating buying a house this season? Perhaps you are unsure of which is better, buying an existing home or buying a custom home. If that is the case for you, we... [read more]

By KCI Homes 7-9-2019

How to Stay Cool this Summer

Summer is upon us and that means the heat is going to start getting intense. No matter who we are though, none of us like to be hot, especially at night. That just turns into restless nights and exhausted tired days. At the same time homeowners like to save... [read more]

By KCI Homes 5-15-2019

Best Ways to Organize Your Laundry Room

One of the most common places in the home that gets cluttered is the laundry room. It is an essential part of the home because it keeps the clothes clean. There are several ways you can keep this small room in your house running efficiently and... [read more]

By KCI Homes 3-6-2019

Spend Time With Family Around The Fireplace

One of the greatest times of year is winter because it means that the family gets to spend time together. With so much time off it leaves families with the option to stay local or to get away but either way, you’re all spending time together.... [read more]

By KCI Homes 1-29-2019

How to Improve Your Cabinets

There are many home improvements that can be made around the house over the years. Whether it’s updating your flooring, bathroom, or kitchen KCI Homes understands the amount of work that goes into a home. Look at our homes to see the kind of craftsman’s standard... [read more]

By KCI Homes 10-9-2018

Picking the Perfect House Sitter

It’s summer time and the kids are out of school! This can be an exciting time of year because there are so many fun things to do with the kiddos. Home is the base of all the fun that happens in the summer. KCI Homes has homes available today... [read more]

By KCI Homes 7-11-2018

Create Your Perfect Porch Space

Everyone needs a retreat! KCI Homes builds homes with both a large front porch and back porch because we know the importance of creating your own space outside as well. Take a look at our home floor plans we have right now to see how... [read more]

By KCI Homes 4-5-2018

Where to Put Your TV

When moving into a home or even just rearranging the home, it can be hard to know where the perfect spot is to put the TV. Should it be hung, sit on a dresser, go in the corner, or go above the fireplace? These are all the thoughts... [read more]

By KCI Homes 1-30-2018

DIY Winter Crafts

Winter time means that there is a lot of time spent inside. Some love this time of year whereas other prefer the warmth and outdoors. Either way, you put it, most of us tend to show binge during this time of year. This doesn't have to... [read more]

By KCI Homes 12-20-2017

Ways to Help Heat Up Your Home

With winter just about here, it’s time to start thinking of ways to heat up your home without making the bill go up, whether you turn the furnace up, or you run your gas fireplace a lot. The wonderful thing is there are many... [read more]

By KCI Homes 11-22-2017

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