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Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Baby

At KCI, we are honored to build homes that families can live and grow in. If you have a baby on the way, that is certainly exciting! No doubt, you and your partner are prepping in a lot of ways to get ready for your new addition to come home for the first time. These preparations often include alterations and adjustments to your home itself. While you are preparing, be sure not to neglect to do these things. They will certainly make your life easier in the future!

Babyproof Your Home

Babies are curious and love to explore, which means you'll need to make sure your home is free of potential hazards. So, it goes without saying that baby proofing your home is essential! Install baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs, cover electrical outlets, secure heavy furniture to the wall, and lock cabinets and drawers that contain dangerous items. If you have counters or furniture that have sharp corners, placing soft covers over the edges will keep your baby from injuring themselves when they become more independent.

Create a Comfortable Sleeping Space

Next, it is important that you prepare the baby’s room. A safe and comfortable sleeping space is essential for your baby's health and wellbeing. Choose bedding that is soft, breathable, and easy to clean. Hanging a mobile that plays a soothing melody will also create a space that is conducive to rest. And when your baby is at rest, you can rest as well.

Stock Up on Baby Supplies

Babies require a lot of supplies, from diapers and wipes to baby clothes and bottles. Start stocking up on these items well before your baby's due date. You truly cannot have enough diapers!

Prepare for Feeding

Whether you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed, it's important to have a comfortable and quiet space for feeding your baby. Maybe save a corner of the baby’s room for this purpose. Purchase a comfortable rocking chair. Make sure you have comfortable pillows to support you and to support your baby’s head. Having a comfortable place to feed your baby will make it easier to relax and bond with your newborn.

Get Ready for Visitors

And finally, be prepared to have company. A new baby is exciting not only for you, but for all of the people that love you. No doubt they will want to meet the baby and will be eager to lend a helping hand to you and your partner in the coming days.

All in all, preparing for a new baby’s arrival is both exciting and nerve-wracking. You can make this huge life adjustment easier by preparing your home in these ways in advance. And don’t forget to lean on friends and family for support when you need it.

By KCI Homes 4-20-2023


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