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Ways to Prepare for Overnight Guests

At KCI Homes we love designing homes to be inviting. That is because we know the joy that comes from hosting friends and family in your home. This time of year, many are expecting friends and family to join them from out of town. Taking a few steps to be prepared for guests can ensure that you will not be stressed, and your guests will feel at home. Here is how you can do it.

Deep Clean

Expecting guests is as good of an excuse as any to get down to the more thorough cleaning and decluttering we often do not find time to get around to. Especially when it comes to the places your guests will be using more frequently, like the guest room and guest bath. Ridding the bathtub of soap scum and having the guest bedroom neat and tidy will make your guests feel at ease and provide you peace of mind.

Besides an efficient scrubbing, be sure to remove any clutter from the guest rooms as well. Your guests will be coming with their own sets of luggage and it will help them to get settled in faster if they do not have to struggle to find space for their things. So, even though the guest room closet is a convenient catch all for your formal wear and craft supplies, try to find a new home for those things at least while your guests are there.

Make Things Personal

Make your friends feel welcome by asking in advance about certain food preferences or allergies. Having a few favorite snacks around will surely make your friends happy and content. It may also bode well to leave a thoughtful welcome note on the bedside table in your guest bedroom. Thanking them for staying with you and noting the wifi password therein is a great sign of hospitality that does not take much effort. And while you are there, why not place some useful items such as bottled water, nuts and candies in their room as well? This will no doubt leave your guests with warm and fuzzy feelings at your thoughtfulness.

Do Not Over Plan

And finally, resist the urge to over plan during their stay. It can be awfully tempting to want to plan every moment of the day's activities so that your guests never feel bored but try to avoid that. Instead, make some tentative plans for the day that you can go and do if everyone is feeling up to it. No doubt, your friends and family are there to just spend time with you. So, while they may want to see a few sights, they probably are also content staying in, resting, and visiting with you.

If you fear your guest’s boredom, maybe have some card or board games at the ready just in case. Having these handy can prevent awkwardness during times when you may be cooking ​ breakfast or dinner. Also giving a few of your guest’s tasks such as preparing a salad or chopping veggies to help during dinnertime will keep everyone busy while still getting to spend quality time together.

Just by implementing a few things before and during the stay of your guests can make a big difference for you and them. We hope you found this helpful. If you are in the market for a home that is made for entertaining, have a look at our galleries to see examples of our welcoming homes!

By KCI Homes 10-28-2019


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