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Things You Should Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal

We hope that you have found your forever home with KCI, but regardless, we want to help you take care of the things in your home so that they last you as long as possible. A modern convenience in most American homes today is the garbage disposal. And while your garbage disposal can handle a lot, here is a list of things you should never chuck down there.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds may seem like a perfectly fine thing to place down the drain, but do not be fooled by their grainy nature. Combined with water, coffee grounds turn into a thick sludge which clogs your drains instead of moving through them.

Tip: Coffee grounds add a nice amount of acidity to soil. Consider adding some to your houseplants soil or your personal compost.

Fruit Pits

Seeds from fruits like peaches and avocados seem to resemble rocks more than pits. For this reason, your garbage disposal is not going to be able to cut through them. They are bound to just continue to clink around in your sink for all of eternity.


Similar to fruit pits, your disposal blades will not be able to work through things like chicken bones. If the bones are broken up enough to make it down the drain, they definitely will not be able to make it through all of your plumbing.


Most of us know this one already, but if you are still ditching grease and oil down the drain, you should stop now. If you have ever collected bacon fat or seen fat congeal around refrigerated meats, you can imagine what grease can do to your pipes.

Tip: If you want to dispose of grease properly, simply pour it into an empty can or jar. Perhaps from canned veggies or sauces that you used for the same dinner. Once the fat has cooled, it will be solid enough to just throw away.

With these helpful reminders, your kitchen drains will be sure to work as efficiently as they are supposed to. Speaking of kitchens, at KCI Homes we pride ourselves on designing beautiful kitchens that reflect thoughtfulness in every detail. Why not take a peek at some of the work we have done over in our galleries?

By KCI Homes 12-9-2019


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