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Things to Never Store in the Attic

At KCI, we offer custom home building so that everything is suited to your needs from the day you move in. One of the things we make sure to build plenty of is storage space. Even still, as you get settled into your home and acquire more things or reduce your need for other things, many items get stored away until you do find use for them. A convenient place to set things aside is the attic. The attic, however, experiences humidity and temperature fluctuations that the rest of your home does not. These elements can cause unwanted damage to certain items. That is why we have compiled a helpful list highlighting a few things you may want to think twice about before storing in your attic.


Important documents like birth certificates, pay stubs, tax returns and more are all popular candidates for the out-of-sight, out-of-mind club. And it is true that you do not need to access these records on a regular basis, but the temperature changes and humidity that your attic experiences can prove harmful to these types of papers. These conditions can cause damage such as wrinkling, warping, or ink fading. And if you have a house mouse or two that decide to make a snack out of your papers, this can be troublesome as well.

Wooden Furniture

Another item that may fall prey to a humid attic can be wooden furniture. We all know that wood elements are highly susceptible to warping due to exposure to water and humid environments. Thus, if you want to keep your nice wooden furniture pieces in prime condition, it may be best to find an alternative storage space for them.

Delicate Fabrics

You may have spare linens, blankets, or clothing that you do not need for everyday use. Perhaps they are for guests when they come around or perhaps you have a regular habit of switching out your wardrobe for the season. Whatever the case, these things need to be stored and the attic seems as good a place as any. But because pests like moths love natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and linen, leaving the fabrics in your attic may not be ideal. Afterall, it can be hard enough to deter these pests away from your goods in the main living areas of your home, let alone the attic.

Most things will be perfectly fine if stored in the attic of course. But if you keep these few things stored in a closet or trunk instead, you will be sure to keep them in good repair for years to come.

By KCI Homes 12-22-2020


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