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Quick Tips on Organizing Your Move

You have successfully gotten through all the steps of purchasing your new KCI Home. This is truly an exciting time but to some people, this can create a whole different set of hurdles that can seem daunting. Moving is described as one of the most stressful things to go through but KCI Homes is here to give you some quick tips to take the stressors out of your move.

Quick Suggestions on Organizing Your Home

Moving into a new place takes time and can cause lots of added stress. Most people don't look forward to moving, especially after being in the same home for a long period of time. When you have lived somewhere for an extended timeframe, you begin to collect and own more things. When it comes to moving items that have been collected over time, you'll need a few simple tools to help prevent you from getting burnt out. Consider the following tips:

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

Procrastination is one of the biggest stressors in any given situation. Preparing to move is no exception. Moving can be one of the most intimidating endeavors, and you may even start to wonder what to begin first. The most important key is to start as early as possible. Start by organizing things and storing them into certain places. Planning on getting rid of items you no longer need is also ideal. We all have a disdain for rushing and packing in haste. Why not take time to consider and plan your next move? You don’t want to move to your new home with storage boxes full of unwanted knick-knacks. It’s no fun carrying unnecessary weight either. New homes deserve proper planning and preparation, so give yourself enough time to move as effortlessly as possible.

Understand What to Expect

It is good to research your new location before you move. Knowing about the area helps prepare you for what to expect. The area may be more familiar if you’re moving to another location in the same city. It can become exhausting, however, when you try to navigate a brand-new area such as Oklahoma City. It’s also good to note that different cities, neighborhoods, and jurisdictions may have different laws and regulations. For example, you may be planning to decorate your new lawn with all the fixings and trimmings only to find out that is not accepted in your new area. You will also need to plan for inevitable things such as weather. Prepare for not just moving, but plan for moving to your specific town or city. One of the best ways to do this is to research and navigate the area before the big day. Moving professionals are experienced and can offer a variety of tips and tricks.

Remember to Pack a Separate Bag

Sometimes we may forget the simplest of things. When relocating, we may forget about making sure we have a small bag for necessities that may otherwise get packed down into our luggage. Many people don’t take into consideration that they may need items to help prepare them for the day after moving. Who will realistically have the energy to unpack on the same day they relocate? Plan to be comfortable and have all necessities and toiletries within reach. Packing an extra bag before moving can prevent a massive headache and can make your load a little lighter.

You should now be ready for a perfectly planned move without the added stress! Relocate in peace and enjoy all that Oklahoma has to offer. Again, congratulations on your new KCI Home!

By KCI Homes 9-30-2019


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