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Give Your Backyard a Facelift

Procrastination and sometimes just life can get in the way of maintaining your home and backyard. But if you sit down to relax on your patio only to be greeted by patchy grasses and a general unkempt appearance, that can ruin the mood. When your yard is in disarray, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we have a couple of suggestions that may help start you in the right direction.

Clean Up Unnecessary Piles

Inside and outside of our homes, many of us create piles of things to deal with later. That laundry, those leaves, toys, ect. If you have made little piles of things out in your yard to deal with later, now is later. Clear piles of trash and put piles of things to keep in their rightful place. Clearing up clutter will make a big difference in how tidy your yard looks.

Decorate a Tree

Trees in and of themselves make a yard beautiful. If they are healthy, that is. Trees can be shade sanctuaries for you and housing sanctuaries for birds, and they can be cute doing it. Get the kids together and let them paint a birdhouse, or paint one yourself! Trees can also be homes for bee and bat houses or simply some art. Whatever route you take, your eyes will always find this tree when you are outside and hopefully it will make you smile.

Pick Up Some Paint

Is your fence the source of your sorrows? Is it faded and just looking a bit lackluster? If so, a bit of stain or paint can bring it back to life! Just make sure you clean the fencing thoroughly before you lay down any paints or stains so that they adhere the best. And if you have a sad looking chain-link fence, planting some vining plants at the base of the fence will encourage them to grow along it, and by the time next summer rolls around, you will have a charming fence instead of a dreary one.

If you give attention to just these three things in your backyard space, it will make a world of difference. And if you need the perfect home to kick back and relax in, KCI would love to help.

By KCI Homes 7-22-2022


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