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DIY Winter Crafts

Wintertime means that there is a lot of time spent inside. Some love this time of year, whereas others prefer the warmth and outdoors. Either way, most of us tend to show binge during this time of year. This doesn't have to be the only thing that you do at home this winter. There are plenty of do-it-yourself home projects to help decorate the house. And yes, you can do this while watching your favorite show if you really want to. Here are some cute DIY projects to work on during this winter that will have your home looking beautiful.

1. Wreath

This is a simple decoration for your home that everyone will see. It adds to your home a certain homey look and personality that sets you apart from all the other houses on the block. With many different designs and ways to create, it shows just a small part of the family that makes this house a home. An expression of who you are as a family. This is a project that can be done with the kiddos to add a special added effect.

2. Candle Decor

This is beautiful to have in any room. Candles can be a lot of work to make. However, if you have just regular candles and glass jars then there is much that can be done by way of decoration. With cardboard paper and some paint, there are endless possibilities. A common one is to paint the cardboard paper in a way that looks like wood. Wrapping it around the glass creates the perfect effect causing it to look as if the candle is sitting in wood pieces. Like an intricate bundle of wood and fire that lights up the darkest nights of winter. These are the perfect centerpieces.

3. Coffee Cups

We use these more in the winter than any other time of the year. Be it hot chocolate, coffee, or tea it's impossible to go through the season without these beloved possessions. These don't have to be your boring average coffee cups though. There is a fun project that the kiddos will love and mementos that you'll want to keep forever. Buy a pack of your average white mugs off Amazon. Once they have come in take a Sharpie marker and then draw whatever youd like. After you have created your masterpiece, bake it for 30 minutes at 350°F. These mugs that the kids will do is something you'll treasure forever.

DIY projects are always a fun way to make the winter pass by. Some things are great projects for some alone time and others are great for you and family to do. KCI Homes is a family owned company that values family time and making memories. We view all of our customers as family. Take a look at how we treat family here at KCI Homes with our home warranty for our new homes!

By KCI Homes 12-20-2017


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