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Design Tips to Maximize Useable Space

At KCI, we build custom homes so that you have all the space you need from the start. But design choices have the power to either make a space feel open or closed and it can be difficult to tell why that is. That’s why today we want to share some design tips that will help you maximize your space without making it feel cluttered and small.


One of the quickest ways to make a space feel cramped is with clutter. If you can find or make places for items that you do not use often and store them out of sight, it can make a room feel less chaotic. And if there are items that serve no purpose to you, you may want to consider selling or donating them.

Furniture Choices

The shapes you choose for your furniture can also make a big difference. For example, choosing a round dining or coffee table can make a room feel less closed off since there are no sharp edges. Another thing that can help a room feel bigger is to opt for acyclic dining chairs. These allow your eye to move through the space without interruption, making it feel big and open.

Don’t Crowd

Along with decluttering and choosing the right furniture, making sure that the pieces you do choose to keep in a room are placed carefully is also important. A large sectional can easily block off walkways, making it difficult to maneuver in a room and thus making it feel cramped. So make sure to place your furniture in a way that you can comfortably get around and avoid overcrowding.

Light Paint Colors

Paint colors can also greatly affect how open a room feels. Dark colors tend to absorb light and light colors reflect it. If you want your living room or bedroom to feel cozy, dark colors can help you do that. But if you want your room to feel light and open, choosing lighter paint will help you achieve that.

Use Mirrors

One design trick that can make a space feel larger is to utilize mirrors. Not only can mirrors be beautiful decor items, but they reflect their surroundings in a way that deceives the eye. Try incorporating a few carefully placed mirrors around and see how they can make a room feel like it goes on and on.

By KCI Homes 10-25-2021


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