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Grow These Plants In Water for Some Low Maintenance Greenery

Do you love having plants in your home but struggle to give them the care they need? Many plants do quite well in just water alone and opting for a hydroponic medium can take plant care from complicated to simple. Here are a few varieties that you can try out in your home!


There are so many striking leaf colors, shapes, and patterns of begonia and begonia do extremely well when propagated in water. Their fine, delicate roots develop quickly in water. Within a few days for some varieties! Just place a few stems in a vase and watch their progress. As their root system gets more robust, you can increase the size of the container that they are in. The only kind of maintenance you need to be concerned about is replacing the water with fresh oxygenated water every week or two weeks.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf philodendron is a fan favorite for many plant lovers. Their cascading nature lends to a very earthy vibe in any home. And even in dirt, they are strong and difficult to kill. In water? Even easier to care for. A two or three node cutting is all you need to get going or growing rather. Place the cuttings in water in direct sun and wait. You shouldn’t notice any wilting. The stems should adjust pretty immediately. If as time goes on, the vines look a little worse for wear, give the water a little fertilizer treatment.

Swiss Cheese Vine

Another vining plant that does well in just water is the swiss cheese vine or the monstera adansonii. It gets its clever nickname because of its large fenestrations which results in a leaf that rather looks like a swiss cheese slice. Similarly, to the heartleaf philodendron, you just need a two or three node cutting to get started. As it begins to grow roots, vines, and leaves, you can trim it again and place more stems in the water glass to create a fuller look. In all honesty, pretty much all monstera varieties grow well in water. If you are feeling especially adventurous and crave a large display plant, try your hand with monstera deliciosa using the same method.

And there you have it! A few beautiful plants that grow easily and readily in water. Especially if you do not have a lot of time to care for plants during this busy season, try your hand at hydroponic gardening and you can still enjoy some greenery without the time commitment!

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By KCI Homes 11-29-2022


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